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Millicent’s Gift

Millicent has been waiting all her life for her fourteenth birthday and the receiving of her Gift: the Power to have her one wish come true. For one time in her life she can have anything she wants. But as her birthday draws near, Millicent gets glimpses of just how much her Gift will change her life, and she begins to have doubts. She begins to wonder if such an awesome power is a gift or a burden.


Then on a chilly autumn night in the time it takes one bullet to travel twenty feet, Millicent's world comes crashing down around her and she is forced to face the full responsibility of her Gift.

The Education of Mary

Thirteen-year old Mary Harris doesn't easily believe in causes. When her older sister Sarah becomes the first girl of color to be admitted to the Canterbury Female Seminary, Sarah claims to want to break barriers for her race, but Mary knows she is doing it only to be famous for being the first black girl in a white school. Soon things turn ugly. As the situation gains national attention, important people on both sides of the slavery crusade become involved, all with different motives. Then Mary becomes involved in another cause, that she truly believes in, for all the right reasons. Based on a true story of the first school for black girls in Connecticut this tale delves beneath the surface and shows that heroes and heroines are not always what they are supposed to be.

The Last Full Measure

When soldiers from the North and the South descend upon Gettysburg, fourteen-year old Tacy is not ready for the changes in store. Confederate soldiers have taken over her town, looting homes, stealing livestock and rounding up free blacks to sell south to slavery. But the battle is not only being fought on the field of Gettysburg. Tacy's doctor father and two older brothers are serving under General Grant, while her brother, David, unable to go to war because of a crippled leg, is left in charge of the family. At home, Tacy and David lock horns as he struggles with his longing to join the able-bodied men, He has strong principles, and allowing others to fight for him is agonizing. In an effort to play a part in the war David gives his last full measure–and in doing so, forces Tacy to give hers as well. In a powerful and emotional conclusion this book offers an intimate glimpse into what drives ordinary people to make seemingly impossible choices in a time of war.