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Ann Rinaldi, a young adult fiction author, started her career as a newspaper columnist. While writing a general-interest column for the Pulitzer-Prize-winning daily newspaper in Trenton, N.J., The Trentonian, she became interested in American History during the Bicentennial and wrote her first historical novel, Time Enough For Drums, which took place in Trenton. After being turned down by 10 publishers because historicals were not popular at the time it was finally accepted, and she was asked for more. She and her husband and children were traveling all over the eastern seaboard on historical re-enactments, and so she started writing more historicals. They included In My Father's House, The Last Silk Dress, A Break With Charity and Wolf By The Ears, which was listed as one of the best novels of the preceding 25 years, and later, of the last 100 years. All the while she kept on with her newspaper column. Her son, Ron, who started crossing the Delaware River on Christmas Day in 1976, has not missed a year since, went on to get a Master's Degree in Military History and accrued an enormous library of historical books. Now in his 50's, his 2 sons cross the Delaware with him on Christmas Day, and he helps his mother whenever she has a question concerning history that has to do with her writing.